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After almost 22 years spent experiencing in planning and managing shows for other Companies and organizing almost any kind of event, in the late summer of 2005 Bruno Dalto and the Royal Events’ staff (former Royal Communication) decided to create a new event, focusing on peauty pageants world.

They all wanted to start a new project and the first briefing figured out that it had to have some important characteristics:
1- suitable for all the ages and intriguing at the same time
2- with an original “theme” that would involve a lot of people
3- showing a new and light way to develop social contents

To meet the requirements, they just decided to continue working as they did in previous years, producing a new beauty contest with no nudes and no vulgarities.
It was easy to find the topic that met everybody’s expectations, so they soon realized that it was the world of motors, in every sector and category such as bikes, cars, motorcrafts and aeroplanes. Millions of people from all over the world have this passion, including Bruno and his team!
It did not take a long time to consider road safety as the main social content to include in the new format. Too many people, every day, ignore the risks that they run by driving in the wrong way.

In less that a couple of months, Miss Motors was created and in December 2005, during a fantastic party held in Milan, the first Miss Motors Calendar was presented to the public and the medias.
Since that moment, the beauty contest has been growing constantly, day by day, due to the commitment of the team that created it.

Passion, professionalism and faith in the project are the three main points that characterize Miss Motors’ team working style.
Its mission is to find professional people from all over the world with whom to share this creed, thus developing the project together.

As an event suitable for all kinds of public and for all ages, a Miss Motors show can be held everywhere and on every occasion such as discoteques, fairs, sport events, restaurants, shopping centres, hotels, public holidays, balls and so on.
Of course, there are some kinds of events where Miss Motors could be the main attraction:
- offshore, bike and car meetings
- classic car/bike fairs
- motor stunts shows
- motor exhibitions
- car, bike, motorcraft races
- fashion shows and many others.

Further to the great success of the national contest, Miss Motors becomes a global event and pageant.
The 3 MISS Motors International World Finals have been planned to be held in Italy in the FIRST days of september 2012.
The MM race goes on!